Restaurant-cafe Thuis


This dissertation is made as the final project of Hotel Management Program of Petra Christian University, Surabaya and Christelijke Hogeschool Noord-Nederland, Leeuwarden. The business plan for establishing new restaurant-cafe with concept feeling ?at home? by combining restaurant decoration, food and atmosphere to attract customer and to gain customer satisfaction. This dissertation is using qualitative and quantitative research to make it complete and accurate. And it is divided into two parts. The first part concerns about literature review of hospitality industry. The second part concerns about the business in general including the financial part. This part is the most important part of this dissertation. Understanding and knowledge that created in the process of making business plan will help the business for any changes that it may be faced and enable to adjust quickly. This will help entrepreneur to do their research and validate their business and also for Restaurant-cafe "Thuis".

Keyword : bussiness planning, restaurant management, restaurant, cafe thuis

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