Pengurangan waktu antrian dengan mengoptimalkan pelayanan di poliklinik Rumah Sakit Santo Vincentius A Paulo Surabaya


Santo Vincentius A Paulo Surabaya Hospital is a company in medical service sector. The main problem, which appears in the polyclinic department of the hospital, is the long queue line to wait for paying and getting the medicine. The queue exists at the counter of the cashier and the pharmacy, which affects the queueing time of each person becomes high. The purpose of the Final Paper is to design some alternatives to reduce the queueing time of a person in the system, at the cashier sector and the medicine (pharmacy) sector. The simulation helps a lot to simulate the situation in the hospital. The simulation is done by using the Promodel 3.0. By using the result of the simulation, then the model can be analyzed to know which sectors causes the main problem in the hospital. According to the analysis, the alternatives to fix the main problem are : to add some operators at the medicine sector (followed by adding extra room) or to build a computer network in the polyclinic. Then every alternative can be analyzed with time analysis and cost analysis. The conclusion is, the 3 added operators at the pharmacy sector with the computer network can be the best alternative to reduce the queueing time, while the second alternative, which costs cheaper, can reduce the queueing time is by adding 3 operators at the pharmacy sector.

Keyword : queue, simulation

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